Don Dillman, Ph.D.


Don A. Dillman is a Regents Professor, Department of Sociology and Deputy Director for Research and Development in the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, where he has been a faculty member since 1969.  

He is recognized worldwide as a major contributor to the development of modern mail, telephone and Internet survey methods. In 1970, he was founding coordinator of the SESRC’s Public Opinion Laboratory (1970-1973), one of the first university-based telephone survey laboratories in the United States. His book, Mail and Telephone Surveys: The Total Design Method (1978), was the … » More …

Rose Krebill-Prather, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose Krebill-Prather, Ph.D. Sociology, has over 30 years’ experience in survey research and program evaluation pertaining to issues in agriculture, health, education, customer satisfaction and community needs assessment. She has expertise in multiple survey data collection modes including web, mail, telephone, focus group, and face-to-face surveys as well as mixed-mode surveys. Dr. Krebill-Prather provides consultation in the design and use of sound survey research methods and adheres to rigorous standards for the collection of high quality data.  In addition to working on USDA, NIH, and US Department of Education funded grants, she has overseen survey research projects for state agencies in Washington State including … » More …

Lena Le, Ph.D.

With a Ph.D. in Natural Resources, an MS in Statistics,  and an MBA, Dr. Lena Le is well suited for a leadership role as SESRC’s Director. Dr. Le has over 15 years’ experience applying quantitative and qualitative methods to social science research related to tourism, recreation, public land management and other fields. Dr. Le was appointed Director in May of 2014, having previously served as Director of the Park Studies Unit at the University of Idaho, overseeing survey projects for the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and other land management agencies. Dr. Le serves one of SESRC’s principal investigators, oversees the management of all projects, … » More …

Candiya Mann, M.P.A.

Ms. Mann has been with SESRC since the year 2000 and has a Masters in Public Administration in International Management. She designs and performs evaluations on large, federally funded grants, leads social science and economic research projects, including process and outcome evaluations, need assessment, and pure research. Ms. Mann performs quantitative and qualitative analysis using descriptive and multivariate statistics. Builds relational databases in MS Access and performs statistical analysis in SPSS.

Nick Ponomarev, Ph.D.

Dr. Ponomarev has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and has been an SESRC employee since 2003. He is responsible for the design and development of NetSurveyWorks, the SESRC’s online data collection suite. He is an accomplished programmer and is expert at administering Microsoft SQL Server databases. Dr. Ponomarev works closely with the SESRC web survey developers, SQL database managers and applications developers, and data managers.

Tim Lensing, B.S.

Mr. Lensing has a BS in Psychology and has been with SESRC for over five years. Mr. Lensing is responsible for project deadlines and the administration of the data collection processes for mail, web and phone surveys. Some responsibilities are to create and organize large-scale survey mailings, organize part-time employees’ schedules, proofreading and approving surveys, updating computer systems with the most recent versions of applicable software, and hire/train new employees.  He monitors data quality controls to ensure adherence to study protocols, compiles data from surveys and enters data results into an easily understandable report formats.

Yi-Jen Wang, M.A.

Yi-Jen Wang has been with SESRC since 2002 and has a M.A. in Political Science. Ms. Wang has over 12 years of survey research experience which includes implementing and managing projects, communicating with survey clients, and designing and conducting survey administrative data analyses.

SESRC Interviewers

SESRC keeps up to 300 interviewers on staff, depending on current project needs. Each one receives careful training specific to each project. Some of our interviewers are bilingual, enabling us to reach diverse populations.

Each month beginning in December 2014, we’ll feature an Interviewer of the Month who deserves special recognition. Stay tuned!



The SESRC’s welcomes its current director, Dr. Lena Le, formerly Director of the Park Studies Unit at the University of Idaho. Dr. Le comes to SESRC with over a decade’s worth of survey expertise and a wealth of experience working with public land management agencies including the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and state park agencies.

The SESRC annually completes 60-75 projects, employs 150-300 students, presents workshops and regularly publishes the results of research conducted at the SESRC. The SESRC is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, and participates in the annual International … » More …


In 1996, psychologist and survey research expert Dr. John Tarnai, who had developed the SESRC’s first computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) system, became the Center’s Director. Under his direction the SESRC opened an office in Olympia Washington, expanded and moved its telephone interview and mailing labs off campus to the WSU Research Park, and continued to grow its capacity for large-scale projects with an annual budget of $4-$5 million.   Sadly, John passed away in 2012. Dr. Danna Moore assumed the Interim Director Position guiding the Center through a period of transition during which Danna carried forward preparations for the Rural Business Survey, the $1.6 million dollar she secured through the USDA … » More …