Who We Are



Over 40 Years of Survey Research

The Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University has been serving the research community for over forty years. In 1968, WSU president Glenn Terrell identified a need for the campus to gather accurate and reliable information on the current attitudes and opinions of university faculty, staff and students. The SESRC was formed to answer that call and our center has been conducting quality research ever since.

We’ve grown from our modest beginnings conducting a few simple campus surveys each year, to developing a survey methodology used effectively in thousands of research projects and collecting data from millions of people worldwide. Our success is due to the degree of care with which we meet our clients’ needs, and our concerns for those who participate in our surveys.

A Lot Has Changed Since 1970

No longer are we just good at doing surveys. The SESRC can help make your research the best it can be through focus groups, consultation, or training. We have specialty services available including a staff of experienced and efficient keypunch operators for data entry and verification tasks, a full postal mail processing facility for fast and effective mass-mailing projects, a talented programming staff specializing in creating custom data collection online applications, and skilled statisticians who can help you make the most of your data.

If you would like more information about the types of services we offer or would like a cost estimate about a project you are planning, feel free to contact us. Or, read more detail about our services here. You can also take a quick survey using our custom online survey software to see our unique online data collection, NetSurveyWorks, in action, by clicking <>.

Our Goal Remains the Same:

To provide high quality survey research services to the University, to citizens, and to policy makers nationwide — efficiently and in a timely manner.