BLM Visitor Surveys


The Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University compiles data from visitor satisfaction surveys conducted at Bureau of Land Management sites. BLM site managers use survey results to report Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Satisfaction Measures, and to improve customer service.

If you are the BLM Survey Coordinator please go to the Survey Tools page to access your site’s online Coordinator Report and other helpful tools.


Survey questionnaires are distributed to a random sample of visitors at selected BLM sites. Returned surveys are electronically scanned and data is entered and analyzed by SESRC staff. The results are then summarized in a report where frequency distributions, charts, and GPRA scores are calculated.

The Questionnaire

The two-page survey questionnaire consists of 37 structured questions and two open-ended questions. Visitors are asked to rate various aspects in the following categories:

  • Accessibility for Visitors with Disabilities
  • Activities
  • BLM Staff and Service
  • Commercial Recreation Operations
  • Demographics (group size, gender, age, zip code)
  • Developed Facilities
  • Educational and Interpretive Material
  • Fees
  • Managing Visitor and Recreation Use
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Programs (Interpretive and Educational)
  • Resource Management
  • Visitor Information

Visitors’ opinions are collected to provide information to the Bureau of Land Management regarding satisfaction among its customers. Results are used to evaluate and improve the BLM’s recreational services.

The Results

To download survey results for individual BLM sites, see the Annual Reports page for the a listing of reports available for download.