Featured Public Reports using data generated by SESRC (click link to download)

2016 Poverty in Whitman County: A Study by the League of Women Voters of Pullman

2016 National Organic Research Agenda

2016 Public Opinion of Shellfish Farming Report

2015 Whitman County Community Needs Assessment- General Report

SESRC Public Reports (click link to download)

2016 Higher Education Opportunities in East Jefferson County- Executive Summary

2009 Seattle Alcohol Impact Area Evaluation – Executive Summary

2009 SESRC Seattle Alcohol Impact Area Evaluation – Final Report

2009 Seattle Alcohol Impact Area Evaluation – Appendix


Examples of publications authored and co-authored by SESRC staff

CHiXapkaid (Pavel, D. M.), Inglebret, E., & Krebill-Prather, R. (2011). Views and perspectives of Native educational success: A national survey of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and others associated with Indian education. Washington, DC: National Indian Education Association.

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Publications using data generated by SESRC

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