Karly Dougherty, B.A.

Karly Dougherty joined the SESRC team in July of 2020. She is a member of the supervisory team responsible for project deadlines and administration of data collection. She received a Bachelors in Psychology with a Research Concentration from Gonzaga University in 2018. She oversees all phases of large-scale mailings, develops part-time employees’ schedules and monitors attendance. Karly trains interviewers on specialized projects, to ensure a streamlined interview process and quality data collection.

Adam McKee, Ph. D.

Adam McKee joined the SESRC in April 2020. He has his Ph.D. in Sociology and graduate-level training in qualitative and quantitative methods. As a project manager, Adam assists in designing and performing evaluations on large, federally funded grants. Adam performs statistical analysis in SPSS and STATA and thematic coding and analysis in MAXQDA and NVivo. His independent research is featured in peer-reviewed publications and an edited volume.

Thom Allen, B.A.

Mr. Allen, study director and web survey specialist, is responsible for implementing and managing survey research projects at SESRC. He has served as project director for survey methods research at the center over the past two decades and is expert at administering multi-mode data collection projects. Mr. Allen has years of experience applying visual design principles to web and paper/pencil surveys. He has also spent the past ten years at SESRC managing software development activities for the Washington State Department of Transportation Commute Trip Reduction project. Prior to becoming a study director Mr. Allen served as a survey supervisor and data collection manager. He has a … » More …

Don Dillman, Ph.D.


Don A. Dillman is a Regents Professor, Department of Sociology and Deputy Director for Research and Development in the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, where he has been a faculty member since 1969.  

He is recognized worldwide as a major contributor to the development of modern mail, telephone and Internet survey methods. In 1970, he was founding coordinator of the SESRC’s Public Opinion Laboratory (1970-1973), one of the first university-based telephone survey laboratories in the United States. His book, Mail and Telephone Surveys: The Total Design Method (1978), was the … » More …

Ian Kessack, B.S.

Ian has been working with SESRC for 2 and a half years, he has a Bachelor’s of Sciences in Biology. He is a member of the supervisory team responsible for project deadlines and administration of data collection. He oversees all phases of large scale mailings, develops part-time employees’ schedules and monitors attendance. Additionally, Ian trains interviewers on specialized projects, to ensure a streamlined interview process and quality data collection.

Rose Krebill-Prather, Ph.D.

Dr. Rose Krebill-Prather, Ph.D. Sociology, has over 30 years’ experience in survey research and program evaluation pertaining to issues in agriculture, health, education, customer satisfaction and community needs assessment. She has expertise in multiple survey data collection modes including web, mail, telephone, focus group, and face-to-face surveys as well as mixed-mode surveys. Dr. Krebill-Prather provides consultation in the design and use of sound survey research methods and adheres to rigorous standards for the collection of high quality data.  In addition to working on USDA, NIH, and US Department of Education funded grants, she has overseen survey research projects for state agencies in Washington State including … » More …

Lena Le, Ph.D.

With a Ph.D. in Natural Resources, an MS in Statistics,  and an MBA, Dr. Lena Le is well suited for a leadership role as SESRC’s Director. Dr. Le has over 15 years’ experience applying quantitative and qualitative methods to social science research related to tourism, recreation, public land management and other fields. Dr. Le was appointed Director in May of 2014, having previously served as Director of the Park Studies Unit at the University of Idaho, overseeing survey projects for the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and other land management agencies. Dr. Le serves one of SESRC’s principal investigators, oversees the management of all projects, … » More …

Candiya Mann, M.P.A.

Ms. Mann has been with SESRC since the year 2000 and has a Masters in Public Administration in International Management. She designs and performs evaluations on large, federally funded grants, leads social science and economic research projects, including process and outcome evaluations, need assessment, and pure research. Ms. Mann performs quantitative and qualitative analysis using descriptive and multivariate statistics. Builds relational databases in MS Access and performs statistical analysis in SPSS.

James McCall, Ph. D.

James McCall

James McCall joined the SESRC in June 2019. He has his Ph.D. in Sociology and graduate level training in quantitative methods. As a project manager, James is responsible for managing all aspects of survey research projects including client interaction, project planning, survey questionnaire design (respondent correspondences, web-survey programming, and paper questionnaire design), survey implementation, sample management, data management and analysis, and report preparation. James also helps oversee the SESRC Survey Design Clinic, a graduate student led survey consulting group.

Kent Miller, M.A.

Kent Miller, with the SESRC since 1992, has a M.A. in Sociology. He has held many positions with the center including Program Operation Lead, Project Manager, Data Collection Supervisor, and Research Survey Supervisor. Kent leads the Project Management unit.  In his role as a Project Manager, he is responsible for client interactions, project planning, developing questionnaires, respondent correspondence, and other related survey materials. He is also responsible for managing complex mixed-mode projects including telephone, paper, and web-based surveys. He completes projects by preparing data reports that describe survey background, project processes, and survey results.