Other Services

Our center is equipped to assist in a variety of specialty tasks that can often be difficult for researchers or project managers to take on by themselves. Ask us how we can help! The SESRC’s programming staff have years of experience developing customized software applications and database management interfaces. Our expert survey methodologists can help you apply Don Dillman’s TDM visual design guidelines to create print or web forms, and our secure web hosting environment could be the flexible and affordable solution your project needs.


We can help write research proposals and grant applications, assist with budget preparation, and guide researchers through any part of responding to RFPs and RFQ’s.


The SESRC has many approaches to packaging the results of a research project. Standard databooks display data and describe the methods and processes used during data collection. Technical reports provide data analysis using informative charts, graphs, and tables to present the results.

Research findings can be presented to clients via in-person workshops or web conferences. SESRC’s professional staff are experienced in explaining formal research to a wide variety of audiences, including scholars, stakeholders, and the general public.