Comments from our Customers


“SESRC met or exceeded expectations all along the way.”

“I think your assistance with other statistical analysis/research would be helpful to others, and I’m not sure how widely others understand the range of services you can provide.”

“I was thoroughly impressed with the work that was done. SESRC was extremely open and honest and willing to work through all of our detailed requests.”

“SESRC conducted the survey in a professional, timely fashion. We would not have been able to do this project in-house.”

“The greatest value to me is the way the projects are priced. I feel confident that we will get the number of responses we need for a project within a set time frame at a set price. That kind of reliability is great for someone coordinating these projects on behalf of a client, and I trust their ability to apply valid sampling and surveying techniques. That kind of service is not available from lower cost call centers. SESRC also provides helpful feedback on surveys before they are launched.”

“The primary benefit is the credibility of a third party contractor reinforces the notion of confidentiality. Also important are your technology/web-based capabilities and timely service.”

“SESRC provided substantial learning opportunities for our staff.”

“We have conducted two projects with SESRC (and anticipate doing more in the future) and they completed the projects in a timely manner. All staff were professional and well-trained and we felt good about the means in which the information was obtained. Good job by SESRC!”

“There is no way I could have completed this project w/o working with SESRC. I sent out 10 RFPs and SESRC’s was by far the best in terms of value, support, detail, and experience. Because of their help I was able to do consumer research, which is unique to my company, in a timely cost effective manner. And the research helped me win an internal award for marketing excellence. Lots of value added by SESRC’s assistance!”