Student Employer


Honing Skills

The SESRC is the second-largest employer of students on the WSU campus, engaging up to 300 student employees in telephone surveys, mailing room activities, data entry, training, and monitoring activities. Our student employees are carefully selected and receive excellent training in professional office skills and customer service. We frequently hire new groups of students to keep up with our workload.

“From my first job as a telephone interviewer three years ago, to my current position as Shift Leader, working at SESRC has taught me valuable, applicable skills that will help me in graduate school as well as my professional career. As an aspiring research scientist, learning about research methods outside of the laboratory has been enriching and enjoyable.The SESRC makes having a job in college manageable, its staff members strive to help student workers grow by emphasizing the importance of punctuality, efficiency, and interview etiquette.”      ~Joelle Martin