BLM Survey Tools

COVID-19 Best Practices

The recent pandemic has created  challenges for administering the GPRA survey this year.  We’ve created some guidelines to help you proceed safely with your survey work.   Although this document does provide detailed instructions for how to proceed, we realize that each BLM site is unique and may require special procedures.  The ultimate goal is to keep BLM staff, volunteers, and visitors as safe as possible.  Please observe state and local restrictions that may affect your area.

Survey Safety Infographic

Survey Safety Poster for displaying at your survey locations. Used to help remind BLM staff, volunteers, and visitors about basic hygiene and safety steps.

Survey Instruction Manual

This document contains instructions on how to conduct a BLM Visitor Survey.

Coordinator Report

The Coordinator Report is used by survey supervisors to track essential details about the daily administration of the survey.  

Daily Survey Log

This document is used to track the daily distribution information at each location the survey is taking place. 

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