Interviewer of the Month

February 2015

Alyssa Ballantyne

Alyssa was selected as the Interviewer of the Month for February by her supervisors.  Alyssa has been with the Center since July 2014. Alyssa does a great job communicating the importance of the study with respondents, stating, “I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. Many of the surveys I have worked on have been related to my major and career goals, so it has been very informative and exciting to learn more about social sciences.”  Alyssa is a Human Development major specializing in family studies. Her career goals include wanting to work in the nonprofit sector/grant writing, as well as work directly with individuals and families. Alyssa shared that she is “passionate about mental health awareness, antipoverty solutions, and assisting people in various crisis situations.”

Great job Alyssa!

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