Interviewer of the Month

September 2016

Lauren Urke


Congratulations to Lauren Urke for being selected by her supervisors as the Interviewer of the Month for the month of September!  Lauren will be graduating in December of 2017 with a degree in finance. Upon graduating, Lauren plans on moving to the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA  area where she will become a real estate agent.  While working at the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center,  Lauren has most enjoyed working on data editing.  Lauren shared that “(she) gets to read people’s responses and sees what data was collected by the mailing projects.” Adding, “it shows me that the work we put in at the SESRC has an important impact on whatever the topic  because I am able to see the end results.”  When asked what project she has enjoyed working on the most, Lauren replied, “my favorite project, while at the SESRC, has been the Montana Rural West Survey because I got to speak with people about personal topics and hear a lot of different sides and opinions to issues specific to the state of Montana.”

Congratulations Lauren!  We appreciate your hard work and dedication!