Interviewer of the Month

March 2015

Emilia Ruiz

We are pleased to have selected Emilia Ruiz as this month’s Interviewer of the Month.  Emilia was selected by her supervisors for her consistent work ethic and attention to quality.  Emilia is a WSU senior majoring in Sociology, she hopes to work in the non-profit sector assisting underprivileged and challenged children. Emilia would like to contribute to her community by positively impacting the lives of children.  Emilia enjoyed working on the Washington State Childcare Provider Study, adding that, “it was great getting to talk to care providers who spoke so passionately about their job and made the interview much more enjoyable!”

When asked what the most important job skill she has developed while working at the SESRC, Emilia replied, “I have learned to work with both English and Spanish speaking communities simultaneously, allowing me to learn more about the diversity present in our own surrounding communities. I have been able to work on several projects requiring English and Spanish interviews and have fully enjoyed being able to help out by reaching out to the Spanish speaking residents.”

Congratulations Emilia!