Interviewer of the Month

August 2015

Megan Rinehart

Megan Rinehart


Congratulations to Megan Rinehart for being selected by her supervisors as Interviewer of the Month for August! Megan is currently completing her degree in Sociology with a double major in German. Megan plans on working in the social service sector or becoming a German language instructor at a secondary school in the U.S. or in Germany. When asked what has been the most challenging telephone project thus far, Megan provided the following detailed response:

ERSR10 was the most challenging project to date.  Attempts to make ear contact with a CEO, Owner, or even General Manager of a company proved to be an arduous feat, despite the most practiced professional tactics an interviewer puts forth.  For many respondents answering the phone seemed a marginal priority within the relentless and formidable scheme of business, though it would have been beneficial to the collective whole for one person to answer for our equally vital purpose.  The logic of the respondent shunning such an important call made it incomprehensibly difficult to accept.  Most of the gatekeepers tended to have an obdurate resolve not to allow access to higher-ups.  Each piece of sample was an iron gate and breaking through was a victorious feat.  I overcame the challenge by internalizing the lesson I actively took from it, maintaining a reciprocally industrious mind state, enmeshing my energies and empathies with the intensity of business mindsets and feeling rewarded at last if a severely time-constricted boss took a moment to speak with me.  Taking inspiration from the manpower, time, and cooperation it takes to run a factory and applying it to my own life and considering other social contexts, the project aided in the strengthening of my endurance and other facets essential to the task of interviewer and researcher.  It was valuable experience towards my major, Sociology, with observations of sociological and structural dynamics, and how humans cooperate in the maintenance of an institution, or “the systematic study of patterned human interaction in groups, across institutional contexts, across space, and time [Appelrouth and Edles, 2012].”

Thank you Megan for all your hard work and dedication!