February 2015

Alyssa was selected as the Interviewer of the Month for February by her supervisors.  Alyssa has been with the Center since July 2014. Alyssa does a great job communicating the importance of the study with respondents, stating, “I enjoy having the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. Many of the surveys I have worked on have been related to my major and career goals, so it has been very informative and exciting to learn more about social sciences.”  Alyssa is a Human Development major specializing in family studies. Her career goals include wanting to work in the nonprofit sector/grant writing, as well as work … » More …

March 2015

We are pleased to have selected Emilia Ruiz as this month’s Interviewer of the Month.  Emilia was selected by her supervisors for her consistent work ethic and attention to quality.  Emilia is a WSU senior majoring in Sociology, she hopes to work in the non-profit sector assisting underprivileged and challenged children. Emilia would like to contribute to her community by positively impacting the lives of children.  Emilia enjoyed working on the Washington State Childcare Provider Study, adding that, “it was great getting to talk to care providers who spoke so passionately about their job and made the interview much more enjoyable!”

When asked what the most important job … » More …

April 2015


Michelle Collison is our April Interviewer of the Month! Michelle was selected by her supervisors for having an exemplary work ethic and always helping those around her stay on task.    As one of her supervisors noted “Michelle is an employee that is willing to help out with any task. She does a great job setting an example for other employees when working in the lab.”

Michelle enjoys and appreciates the work being done at the SESRC, adding that “getting new projects whether it be mailing or phoning is nice because it changes things up … » More …

May 2015

Megan Rice


Megan Rice is our May Interviewer of the Month! Megan is getting her bachelor’s in Elementary Education, with a minor in Human Development and a Middle Level Math Endorsement. Megan will be an elementary school teacher on the West Side in the spring 2016 for her student teaching.  Since Megan will be working with school age children in the future, it is no surprise that she really enjoyed collecting data and conducting interviews for the different child care studies.  Megan added, “It is interesting to hear about the different child care opportunities and … » More …

July 2015

Joelle Martin


Congratulations to Joelle Martin for being selected as our Interviewer of the Month for the month of July!  Joelle has worked for the SESRC since November 2011.  Throughout Joelle’s academic career, she has contributed to the SESRC’s success as an interviewer, monitor and now as a supervisor assistant.  Joelle plans on moving to Virginia in August to start on her PhD program in transitional biology, medicine and health.  When asked what was the most difficult telephone project to work on, Joelle replied, “The hardest project was GAP. It was not easy asking people … » More …

August 2015

Megan Rinehart


Congratulations to Megan Rinehart for being selected by her supervisors as Interviewer of the Month for August! Megan is currently completing her degree in Sociology with a double major in German. Megan plans on working in the social service sector or becoming a German language instructor at a secondary school in the U.S. or in Germany. When asked what has been the most challenging telephone project thus far, Megan provided the following detailed response:

ERSR10 was the most challenging project to date.  Attempts to make ear contact with a CEO, Owner, or even General Manager of a company … » More …

September 2015

Nicole Pipkin

Congratulations to Nicole Pipkin for being selected as September’s Interviewer of the Month.  Nicole is studying psychology and human resources in hopes of becoming a strong leader as a leading human resources’ administrator in a large corporation someday.  When asked what she enjoyed most about working for the SESRC, Nicole replied, “The best thing about working at SESRC is how friendly everyone is and how flexible the work load and hours are. SESRC really is a great fit for me.”

Thank you for all your hard work Nicole!

October 2015

Coeurin Derbyshire

Congratulations to Coeurin Derbyshire for being selected as Interviewer of the Month for October!  Coeurin is a business management major, she plans on moving to Hawaii after graduation to pursue a career in hotel management.  When asked what her favorite project to work on has been, Coeurin replied, “My favorite project that I have worked on would be HADS, I really liked interacting with people who cared about the outcome of a survey and realized how valuable their input is to us.”

March 2016

Courtney Rucker

Congratulations to Courtney Rucker for being selected as our Interviewer of the Month for the month of March!  Courtney plans to graduate from Washington State University in spring of 2018, with a major in business/economic sciences and a minor in human development.   Courtney would like to work on management, marketing and finance problems faced by businesses operating in a market system.  Courtney enjoys working at the SESRC because of the people she works with.  The project that Courtney has enjoyed working the most on was MHCS, adding that, “It is nice hearing the positive changes through the … » More …

May 2016

Mitchell Lauterbach

Congratulations to Mitchell Lauterbach for being selected as our Interviewer of the Month for the month of May!  Mitchell is completing his undergraduate degree at WSU.  Although, he is not quite sure what his future plans are for the moment, Mitchell says he very much enjoys the work at the SESRC, adding that “(he) likes the chill work environment, where (he) can hang out with some friends and cool people.”